LDS Church History Tour 2 // 2018

Hosted by LDS Lecturer Greg Jewkes & Guided by Dave Wilkey

Trip Itinerary



Thu, Jun 7  Buffalo, NY to Palmyra

  • Depart from SLC or LAS to BUF (Buffalo, NY)
  • Depart for Palmyra (approx 1.5 hours drive)
  • Check into the hotel
  • Meals no included


Fri, Jun 8  Palmyra and the Hill Cumorah

  • Depart for the Peter Whitmer Farm.
  • Visit the Grandin Press Building (Book of Mormon Publication Site)
  • Free Time in Palmyra – Lunch on your own
  • Depart for the Joseph Smith Sr. Family Historic Farm and Sacred Grove
  • Visit the Hill Cumorah and Visitor’s Center
  • Evening – Temple Session Opportunity
  • Breakfast included


Sat, Jun 9  Palmyra and the Susquehanna River

  • Depart for the Susquehanna River (approx 2.5 hours drive)
  • Tour Home and Farm of Joseph and Emma Smith
  • Tour Isaac Hale Home
  • Return to Palmyra (approx 2.5 hours drive)
  • Pizza Party at the Hotel Conference Room
  • Breakfast and Dinner Included


Sun, Jun 10  Palmyra and Niagara Falls

  • Attend Sacrament Meeting in Palmyra
  • Depart for Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (approx 2 hours drive)
  • Lunch
  • Experience the Hornblower’s Cruise of the Falls and the great gorge adventure
  • Check into the hotel
  • Breakfast included


Mon, Jun 11  Kirtland

  • Depart for Kirtland (approx 3 hours drive)
  • Visit the Kirtland Temple and Kirtland Historical Sites
  • Visit Isaac Morley Farm and Visitor’s Center
  • Visit the John Johnson Farm
  • Check into the Hotel
  • Lunch included


Tue, Jun 12  Travel to Nauvoo

  • Travel to Nauvoo (approx 10 hours drive)


Wed, Jun 13  Nauvoo

  • Visit Nauvoo Historical Sites
  • visit the Smith Family Historical Sites
  • Old Nauvoo Musical Productions
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included

Thu, Jun 14  Nauvoo

  • Morning Nauvoo Temple Session Opportunity
  • Carthage Jail
  • Nauvoo Historical Sites
  • Old Nauvoo Musical Production

Fri, Jun 15  Adam-Ondi-Ahman and Far West

  • Depart for Adam-Ondi-Ahman (approx 3.5 hours drive)
  • Adam-Ondi-Ahman
  • Gallatin
  • Jamesport – Amish Village
  • Far West
  • Breakfast and Lunch included

Sat, Jun 16  Independence, Missouri

  • Liberty Jail
  • Independence
  • Missouri Visitor’s Center
  • Depart from Kansas City Airport (MCI)
  • Breakfast included



  • Airfare Not Included
  • Price based on Double Occupancy
  • $500/person deposit required at booking


  • Airfare Not Included
  • Price based on Triple Occupancy
  • $500/person deposit required at booking


  • Airfare Not Included
  • Price based on Quad Occupancy
  • $500/person deposit required at booking




Niagara Falls